Welcome to UP CLOSE WITH BRIANNA. My career experience has been quite colorful, to say the least!  I’ve been a model, TV Host, a Bestselling Author, I’ve worked in luxury real estate sales — but I can tell you right now that my favorite job title has been ENTREPRENEUR. I took a one-time $5,000 investment and created a 7-figure business that I run from home and I did it in just a little over 5 years! I know that if I can do it, so can you and the best way to learn HOW is from other successful entrepreneurs!! In this weekly video-podcast series, we chat with successful entrepreneurs and people who most of us would consider having a “dream job”. We hear their stories about how they got started, what motivates them to keep going, their amazing career advice and we dive all in when it comes to talking about the mistakes they’ve made along the way.  So hit the SUBSCRIBE button and join us here every week, on UP CLOSE WITH BRIANNA.

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